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Since its foundation more than 20 years ago, the Institute of Music Education founded by Dr. Emilio Molina (IEM) is promoting its innovative Pedagogical System in which Improvisation is the main process of musical learning.  The incorporation of IEM Methodology in all music areas has been the main objective of this institution, being its raison d’être to contribute this way to a renewal in music education that IEM deems indispensable. IEM has been working in two different directions in order to achieve this objective:

About IEM
About IEM

1-Continuing developing the methodology:

Created by Dr. Emilio Molina and its applications in all areas and levels of Music Education, and creating music materials and resources supporting his methodology.

IEM methodology bases its foundations in:

  • Analysis, as the medium to comprehend the technical, melodic, rhythmic, harmonic and formal elements of the musical discourse.
  • Improvisation, as the medium to convert the knowledge derived from the analysis process into musical practice and creativity.

2-Disseminating IEM methodology:

Through the organisation of courses, seminars, practical sessions, publication, etc., in Spain and abroad.


Teachers at IEM occupy a central place in this project, as we are aware that the training and re-training of teachers is the essential step to take in order to contribute to the regeneration of music education. IEM teachers are a compact and heterogeneous group of specialists from different disciplines that work towards developing the methodology in every subject and level. This group continues expanding with new teachers gradually incorporated when they obtain our “Teacher Certificate”.

About IEM
IEM Enclave Creativa

Enclave Creativa

In addition, IEM has its own Publishing Editorial, Enclave Creativa, which publishes and distributes a wide range of books applying IEM methodology to the most diverse specialities: instrumental teaching (individual and ensembles), musicianship, analysis, composition, aural skills, choir, music at primary and secondary schools, etc.

Our intention is that this website is your gateway to creativity and the revitalisation of music education in all its many different facets. Please visit the different pages about our methodology, courses, media, etc., and if you like more information in English about IEM, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will send it to you.

We invite you to learn about our Music Institute, and to send us your questions, comments and suggestions!